About Me


This is a business started by someone just like you. Well, maybe not just like you, but someone I hope that some of you can relate to. I grew up without a lot of money. I was raised by a single mom, who worked her butt off to take care of us, and to teach us to reach for the stars, while always striving to be the best people we can be. We were never rich, or wearing the most extravagant fashions. She struggled in life, but always made sure we had what we needed, not always what we wanted. I had to work growing up to be able to pay for extras, like cheerleading uniforms and camps, and select choir competitions. But it helped me learn how to be independent, and have a strong work ethic.

Fast forward to my adult life. I have been a single mom for many years, married for a few, then back to being a single mom. So, I have also known what it is like to go without for myself so that my children can have more. I have spent many a day wandering through stores in the mall, and online, wishing for the opportunity to be able to purchase some of the shoes that I wanted, not only what I needed.

During the earlier of my adult years, I had the distinct pleasure of owning my first pair of Italian shoes. They were super comfortable, stylish, and they lasted so long! I was in love!! I have always loved shoes, but these were even more spectacular to me. So, the addiction was born. I have spent many years trying to figure out how I could marry my love for Italian shoes into something that would bring passion into work for me, and allow me the time and funding to continue in the pursuit of helping others. I have dreamt of starting a business like this for quite some time. I never believed it would happen, though I hoped it would. With the best team in the world, and many others believing in me, I am proud to bring you this bit of European fashion right to your door. We at OnSho know what it’s like to window shop, and not be able to buy the luxury styles that the celebrities wear.

What we have done is simply get the shoes straight to your door, in a timely manner, and at an attainable price.