Italian Women's Shoe Brands

Top 7 Best Italian Designer Shoe Brands to Look Out For in 2018

We all know of the role that Italy plays in the global fashion industry. With its rich history and even richer sartorial base that goes back at least a 100 years, Italy holds an indisputable position among the world’s number one high fashion contributors. And that’s true in terms of both outfits and shoes. In fact, Italian shoes are one of the most popular ones in all of high fashion.

Of course we have no one else to thank for this, but the hardworking Italian shoemakers who never for once compromised on quality and always stayed determined in making the luxurious experience available to the world through their coveted brands.

Even though the brands remained accessible only to the rich and elite class of the European countries once upon a time, we’re now past that phase.
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That said, as an Italian designer shoe fanatic, it would be worthwhile for you to be aware of the best Italian womens shoes brands available in the market now.

So here are the top 7 best Italian shoe brands to look out for in 2018. 


Of course Gucci is the market leader in terms of Italian designer women’s shoes. Italian fashion would practically be incomplete without the word Gucci in its directory. Founded in the year 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the brand is headquartered in Florence, Italy and is currently headed by Marco Bizzari. Gucci’s strength lies in leather goods including shoes and bags and they have stores in various countries all over the world.


Yet another brand that has pretty much become synonymous with Italian fashion, Prada was founded in the year 1913 by Mario Prada and is currently headquartered at Milan in Italy. Prada is known not just for their high quality designer shoes and leather goods, but also their eye wear, fragrances as well as men’s and women’s clothing. At present they have over 600 boutiques across the world..

Salvatore Ferragamo

The ambitious designer Salvatore Ferragamo left his hometown in the year 1914 to make his mark in the fashion industry and came to the US while he was still a teenager. With strong and slow steps, soon the namesake brand became the number one choice for a number of Hollywood actors and influencers in showbiz because of his bold and colorful designs. From Judy Garland to Marylin Monroe there was not one elite name in Hollywood who did not favor the brand, and the rest as they say is history.

Alberto Fermani

Founded in the year 1960, the brand was the fruit of shoemaker Alberto Fermani and is now run by his son Matteo. This is one of those Italian womens shoes brands that emerged, grew and remains to rule the Italian fashion industry, solely because of the designer’s unparalleled hard work and talent. This is true of most Italian brands, but Fermani initially ran his business by personally making shoes by hand through a workshop. For the same reason, the company still sells handmade shoes in traditional and conventional designs.

Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli was one of the most revolutionary designers of her time. Quite literally a woman ahead of her time, she was known for her surreal and unusual designs. She made headlines in the year 1937 when she came forward with a high heel shoe hat. From then on, there was no looking back for the designer and she went on to establish her namesake brand which is now famous for its artistic aspects.


Yet again, a brand that emerged from a base level of talent and work, Tod’s is the fruit of businessman Diego Della Valle. He came from a family of cobblers where his grandfather started making shoes during the 1900s. Continuing along the same lines, Diego started making shoes as well and was able to establish Tod’s as an international brand soon with the help of several business contacts and marketing houses in the country. Tod’s moccasins are presently one of the world’s favorite casual shoes.

Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli is a brand that emerged from a family of cobblers as well. Brothers Marino and Bruno and their sister Maria learnt the art of making shoes from their father and they set up a workshop in their hometown in Bologna. They soon set up a factory for more widespread manufacture, and business flourished soon after the World War II. They went on to open their first shop soon after and since then Bruno Magli has had an upward curve in business. Actresses of the time like Sophia Loren were obsessed with their Magli moccasins and even today, the brand follows a strict principle of sticking to handmade shoes.

Apart from these 7, there are many more established as well as up and coming Italian footwear brands that have contributed towards Italy’s position in global fashion. In many parts of the world, designer shoes are synonymous with Italian shoes because of their unmatched quality and uniqueness in design. It comes as no surprise as each of these Italian brands has their own USP which puts them a class apart from the rest.

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